Monday, January 21, 2008


Welcome to my new blog! I'll be posting publication news, reviews, meanderings, and whatever else I feel like posting.

My first book from Samhain publishing was released on January 4th. I have two more books contracted with Samhain, both scheduled for release this year, so keep an eye out for news! In the meantime, check out Starchild. I suppose it's technically a futuristic romance, but I like to call it a science fiction romance. Most books classified as futuristic romances take place on other planets with a sort of medieval air to their society. Starchild is set in a near-future society, where settlers from Earth have begun to make themselves comfortable on a colony planet that they believe is uninhabited. So the feel of it is a bit different than many other futuristics. I hope you'll take a look, and if you do, enjoy!