Friday, December 19, 2014

Favorite Friday Things

Well, I've been in bed all day with what appears to be a stomach bug, so I needed Favorite Things today. So here we go:

3. This .gif of Ben Smith's fabulous arms.

2. This picture of Chris Pratt hangin' with a velociraptor. (From Jurassic World promo)

3. This pic of Marian Hossa at the Chicago Blackhawks Christmas party with his daughter Mia. (From

If anyone sees a trend developing with these posts, please don't point it out to me. (I'm SICK!! I'll look at hockey players and Chris Pratt if I want to!!)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Book Recs

Three books I've read recently that I think deserve some attention.

Gladiator Wolf by Marteeka Karland. Everything you love about Teeka's books but three times as long. A must-have for Marteeka Karland fans.

The Dream Alchemist by Joanna Chambers. Fascinating premise. Really neat read.

Brandon Mills versus the V-Card by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock. Hilarious and poignant by turns. It'll have you ugly-laughing one minute and ugly-crying the next.

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Three Favorite Things on the Internet This Week

The Internet is a glorious repository of wonderful things. Here are my three favorite things from the Internet this week:

3. This description of Chris Pratt, by his Parks and Recreation co-star Nick Offerman:

2. This picture of Evgeni Malkin in a Santa Hat:

1. This tweet from Sasha Devlin. (Yes, I know this one's a bit self-serving, but man, it made me all verklempt so deal with it):

Monday, October 20, 2014

PRESS RELEASE—Evgeni Malkin a Vampire?

Evgeni Malkin (far right) appears to be garbed for an initiation rite at the House of the Eternal.

Has Malkin been Turned? The LVH investigates.
(Quebec, October 2014)

Photos surfaced last night indicating Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins, arguably one of the best hockey players in the world, has been Turned. The pictures were released in the guise of a Halloween party, with Malkin and other NHL players in full costume. However, the photos clearly show Malkin baring fangs and wearing traditional ceremonial garb used in initiation rites in the House of the Eternal, the fundamentalist vampire church that has become quite vocal about vampire rights in the lead-up to this fall’s mid-term elections in the US.

“If Malkin’s been Turned, he needs to contact us,” states Patricia Beaulieu, LVH Commissioner. “We have numerous rules in place stating that an NHL player, if he’s been Turned, must leave the NHL and play for the LVH if he chooses to continue to play hockey.”

“We have no evidence Malkin’s no longer human,” counters NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. “It’s a Halloween costume, for God’s sake. Get your fangy heads out of your asses.”

We also reached out to Travis Payne, right wing for the LVH’s Chicago Cobras, whose fight with the NHL to have his name engraved on the Stanley Cup has been well-publicized. “Those fangs are fake,” says Payne, “and nobody has fangs that look that fake unless they’re wearing them over real fangs. Trust me on that. Malkin needs to face the music. They kicked me out of the league so fast it’d make your head spin—I don’t know why they’re waffling on this guy.”

More information as the story develops.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Interview with Adera Orfanelli

Another visit from Adera Orfanelli, who tells us about another of her latest releases.

1. How did you get the idea for this book?
This book was actually written a long time ago, and then unearthed and polished (quite a bit). However, I wanted to play with the science fiction trope of being abducted by aliens. Instead of the ìgrey menî doing experiments, I wanted something different. What if the abduction led to a hunky man and a new life?
2. Why do you write science fiction?
I write science fiction because I love the unknown and the possibility of what might be out there. Iím fascinated by space (and weather, among other scientific things), and the belief that we might not be alone.
3. Why should readers pick up this story?
Itís fun. While there are some issues, such as the loss of a friend and starting over, to be dealt with, most of all I wanted Abducted to be a great escape.
4. Who is your favorite science fiction author?
I canít really count a single favorite. I love David Weber, Elizabeth Moon, Tanya Huff, and Anne McCaffrey.
5. What is your favorite thing about outer space?
I love the stars. I love looking up and seeing all these constellations (man-made) and knowing that they are comprised of stars so vast and distant from each other that it takes hundreds or thousands of years for their light to reach us. We really are looking at a snapshot of history when we look at the night sky.
Abducted_AderaOrfanelli_coverlgGetting abducted by a hunky android wasnít on Jaceyís list of things to do to try and reclaim her life after the death of her best friend and the loss of their business. But when her car crashes during a storm, sheís saved not by any rescue vehicle, but by Aiden Starsek, the Lord of BelaZed who informs her that he must have a wife or face deactivation. Jacey blames herself for her friendís death. If she can stop another one, even if it means giving up everything sheís ever known, she will. Aidan knows Deactivation Day nears and unless heís able to find a human to love him heíll die.. Unable to find love on his own planet, he discovers the beautiful Jacey on her own world, Earth. Her beauty entices him. Her compassion humbles him. And though in bed their passion is insatiable, he fears that it wonít turn to love in time to save his life. Only her love will save him, not just from Deactivation Day, but also from himself.
Erotic SF Romance, Published by Loose Id
Twitter: @aderaorfanelli
Enter using the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blood on the Ice--Out Today!!
My new book, Blood on the Ice, debuts today from Samhain! Check out the excerpt below, and I hope you'll check out the whole book!
Chapter Fifteen
He woke to pitch blackness, and for a few seconds he couldn’t remember where he was. Panic rose, but he was too sluggish to react to it.
And he was hungry. So fucking hungry. Even paralyzed in the blackness, his body and brain not quite transitioned to nighttime consciousness, he was hungry.
The blackness receded, as if his eyes hadn’t quite started working yet when he’d awakened. Returning consciousness prickled along his arms and hands, his brain, like circulation returning to numb limbs.
He was never going to get used to this.
As soon as he could, he sat up and groped for the bottle of pills on the nightstand. He popped two into his mouth, letting them dissolve on his tongue. The hunger eased, feeling more like a normal early-morning craving for eggs and a bagel and less like a crazed badger setting up a home under his rib cage.
He made his way downstairs, tiptoeing because the silence of the place seemed far too...silent. He was loath to break it, not because he liked the quiet but because he was afraid it might become corporeal and attack him if he disturbed it.
Downstairs seemed more normal. He could hear the vague sounds of traffic from below, a siren wailing somewhere, a screech of brakes as someone narrowly avoided an accident. The refrigerator hummed. He opened it, took out a bottle of blood.
He felt like he was physically holding the hunger back as he waited for the blood, transferred to a highball glass, to heat in the microwave. Don’t try to rush it, he remembered, watching the LED numbers count down.
He had to concentrate to keep from chugging the blood, instead rolling it over his tongue, letting the flavor settle. He savored it, feeling the hunger recede as the blood washed warm through him. He’d finished the first glass and set the refill in the microwave when he heard his cell phone tweedling from the bedroom. He dragged himself away from the hypnotic spectacle of his breakfast turning around and around on the carousel to go find it.
By the time he retrieved the phone from the bedside table, it had stopped ringing and made the beeping noise that alerted him to a voicemail. He looked at the call history. Marc. He called back as he made his way back downstairs.
“Hey!” Marc answered on the second ring. “Turn on CSN Chicago.” The connection clicked off.
Travis grabbed a TV remote and did as told. As the microwave dinged in the kitchen, his own face appeared on the TV screen in all its widescreen, high-definition glory. His pores looked like a small child could swim in them.
“...makes his debut tonight at Cobra Stadium in the team’s third game this season against the Detroit Damnation. These teams are bitter rivals, and their last confrontation ended in a shootout, with Detroit coming out on top after the fourth round. Sources from inside the Cobra organization say Payne’s more disciplined, team-based play style has already had an effect on the Cobra’s practice sessions...”
The door swung open and Marc ambled in, joining Travis in front of the TV. Travis gave him a startled look.
“I still have the key.” He eyed Travis sidelong, the corner of his mouth curling.
Travis nodded, wondering if he should ask for the key back. The smirk on Marc’s face made Travis think he probably should, or Marc would take advantage. Mulling, he turned back to the TV.
“ the meantime,” the announcer continued, “controversy continues to rage over Payne’s right to have his name engraved on the Stanley Cup after the Hawks’ victory last spring. Payne played in all but two regular-season games and every game in the playoffs until the finals against the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers. Under normal circumstances, he would be eligible for inclusion on the Cup, but the league has shown reluctance due to questions regarding his changed status.”
The NHL commissioner’s face appeared on the screen then. Travis was happy to note that his pores looked even more spacious than his own had.
“We still don’t know the circumstances of this incident. If Payne chose to be Turned, then he has no reason to complain. And it’s my understanding that very few full transformations are involuntary. It requires a certain level of cooperation from the ‘victim.’”
“You smarmy motherfucker,” Travis muttered. Then he fell silent again as Susan’s face replaced that of the commissioner.
“Travis Payne was Turned involuntarily, and there is a pending police investigation regarding the identity of the individual responsible. Mr. Payne is no more responsible for his change in circumstance then was Vladimir Konstantinov of the Detroit Red Wings after his devastating car accident in 1997. And, as we all know, Konstantinov’s name is, indeed, on the Cup. In fact, it’s on the Cup for the 1998 win, during which season he never played due to his injuries. Travis Payne’s should be allowed, as well.”
“And there you have it.” The main announcer dominated the screen now. “Yet another blatant act of prejudice against the vampire race. Only this time it looks like we have a human on our side. Best of luck, Ms. Harris, with your crusade for justice, and best of luck to you, Mr. Payne, in your LVH debut tonight.”
The coverage switched then to a story about the Eastern European vampire rugby league. Travis flicked off the TV, a little stunned.
“I just called her last night. Or way early this morning. She wasn’t even awake.”
“She’s a good agent,” said Marc. He punched Travis in the shoulder. “And you, my friend, are a big fucking deal.”
Travis just shook his head. He’d known all this was going on, but seeing it on a fifty-inch TV was a bit different from watching clips on YouTube.
There was a moment of silence, not quite awkward but not quite comfortable, then Marc said, “I’m keeping your key.”
Travis didn’t look at him. “Fine. God knows when you might have to bust in here to save me from myself.” He finally gave Marc a sidelong look, his mouth twisting into something that didn’t really feel like a smile. He knew damn well that wasn’t why Marc was keeping the key. “Let’s face it—I’m still kind of a shit vampire.”
Marc chuckled and dragged a hand across Travis’s back, the touch lighting up Travis’s skin in ways he wasn’t entirely comfortable with. “Not going to argue with that,” Marc said. He waved toward the kitchen, where the microwave was still blinking. “Finish your breakfast. Game’s in four hours.”

Monday, June 16, 2014

Excerpt from Gunn's Kiss by Adera Orfanelli

I'm turning the blog over to my friend Adera Orfanelli, who has a book coming soon from Changeling Press. This is part of her science fiction vampire series, Politics Bite.

Enjoy an excerpt from Gunn's Kiss...

By the time they reached the door to her suite, they’d passed through the three sets of doors -- including the lift -- as well as five different visual checkpoints. It’d make his job easier, especially since he knew the security team running this part of the station. He’d be sure to send them a message when he got back to his place. The facial recognition software acknowledged her presence and the door opened.

Gunn waited outside.

“Why don’t you come inside? I have some information I didn’t want to leave this room,” she said.

He hesitated, mostly because he’d made a good reputation for himself by being discreet. Usually his clients didn’t want to see him around. He crossed the threshold and stepped into the suite.

“Please record --”

Gunn held up his hand. “I’ve ensured that I am able to access your suite in case of an emergency, but thank you.” He didn’t want to hear her give permission for the facial recognition software to file his likeness as authorized to enter. Hearing her say that sent thoughts through his mind, or rather his cock, of his arriving here at night, slipping into her suite to seduce her.

“Oh.” Her lips formed a circle and stayed there for a moment. Could she read his thoughts? Surely she wouldn’t, though certain members of her species were known to be telepathic. According to his information, those with telepathic ability never left the home world.

“Sorry to startle you,” he said, keeping professional distance between them. “You said you had information.”

“Yes. Nochte-Theta was not my first destination upon leaving my home world. I stopped first at a couple of other stations to speak with their officials before meeting with the council. I received these.” She pushed an envelope across the table next to the door. “My people have gone over them. We cannot find the source.”

“And you told station security where you were staying?” His gut twisted. He didn’t like this, not one bit. At her nod, his stomach twisted further. Gently, though he knew there probably wouldn’t be any evidence to gain, he opened the envelope and pulled out the first piece of paper.

A security print from a communications console. A message was tagged across the top -- a threat on her life -- with all the pertinent information below. He scanned it, noting the obviously faked addresses and protocols. No doubt untraceable. A second sheet of paper, another threat, was also in the envelope.

“When were you going to tell me about these?” A wave of protectiveness came over him. He fought to keep frustration out of his voice. Not knowing about threats made his job infinitely more difficult. And station personnel should have communicated these threats; they had her travel itinerary. He clenched his jaw until a muscle began jumping.

“I planned to tell you.” Her soft words forced his gaze to meet hers, where wariness crossed her face.

“I’m glad you did.” He breathed deeply and forced himself to calm. “I will contact the other station security departments to see what they have on these.”

He stepped back, because now that the initial fury that someone would try to hurt her had ebbed, he became aware that she stood close to him, so close her breasts brushed his arm with each breath. A floral scent, something planet-bound and not anything he’d find on this station, surrounded him. Hunger drove through him. He told his muscles to take another step back, to tell her he would bring the papers back to security and study them further. He should turn for the door and leave her for the evening. He didn’t.

“You can take care of this?” she asked, her voice wobbling a little and betraying her worry.
Visit the publisher to read an excerpt and to purchase this title

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Monday, May 26, 2014

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Hockey

I've mentioned before that Blood on the Ice is the direct result of my Evil BFF's five-year crusade to turn me into a hockey fan. You might wonder how she accomplished this evil deed. Well, she sent me a blueprint I could share for those of you who might be trying to drag a friend down the path of evil. Or, you know, just trying to get them to like things. This blueprint works. I'm living proof.

Talk about what you love....A LOT

Humor helps

So does shiny

Shiny is really fucking awesome

Sparkly isn't bad either

Neither is bromance

...or pretty

Sometimes more direct persuasion is necessary

Now that the groundwork has been laid, share things that may be to their tastes

Lather, rinse, repeat

Did I mention the repeat?

Reference stupid memes when sending links...cock goes where?

Weird rituals are always interest grabbing

Quality portraits are a good idea

Suits are nice

As is bad hair

Nakedness is always good

Mocking is too

When you have sufficiently brought them over to the dark side...jump for joy


Try not to smirk too much


In retrospect, I'm kind of ashamed that I responded to a campaign that employed so much exposure to Ryan Kesler.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bunnies Hop and So Do Blogs

Several authors in the blogosphere are posting about their writing process, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I know you’re supposed to tag four other people on your post, but I kind of forgot I was supposed to do that, so I’ll probably have people tagged in the next day or so with some linkage. I don’t follow directions well…

Anyway, thanks to Meredith Daniels for tagging me. Here are my answers to the questions provided. I hope they don’t lead any budding authors down the primrose path of corruption.

*1) What are you working on?’m currently working on a few things, but the main thing is a sequel to Necromancing Nim, from Samhain Publishing. I left our heroes and heroine in a bit of a bind at the end of that book, so I’m trying to get them back out of it. I’m also poking around at a paranormal romantic suspense and a follow-up to Blood on the Ice, my new book coming out in June from Samhain.

*2) How does your work differ from others in the genre?

I like to try to subvert tropes I see in other writing. For example, Necromancing Nim has a love triangle with none of that angsting about which man is the “right” one. Nim just goes for both of them. I also like to throw weird stuff together and see what falls out. Blood on the Ice features a professional hockey league where the players are all vampires. The story kicks off with a human NHL player being turned right before the Stanley Cup Finals, and takes him through his journey to get his life back. Mostly I’m just a little off-kilter, and so are most of my books.

*3) Why do you write what you write?

I write what entertains me. Or I write what my best friend tells me to write. One of those. Sometimes both. Mostly, I’m not going to waste my time laboring over a story that I don’t enjoy. This business is too stressful, difficult, and bizarre to make it even harder by forcing yourself to write what’s “in,” or what’s supposedly the next big thing. Unless the “next big thing” really turns your crank—then go for it.

*4) How does your writing process work?

It doesn’t. Well, okay, it does, but just when I think I have a workable process down, I start a new book and end up doing something completely different. In general, I start at the beginning and write until I get to the end. I usually have an outline. I don’t always follow it. My characters often do whatever the hell they want no matter what I have written down that they’re supposed to do. Most of my first drafts are a mix of handwritten and computer written. Sometimes I write on the computer, sometimes on the iPad, most frequently in a notebook with a pen. I’m not one of those people who gets up at the same time every day, sits down in front of the computer or other writing apparatus, and cranks out X number of words in X amount of time. Sometimes I do that. Most of the time I write whenever I can grab the chance, then hope all the pieces fit together when I stick them all in Scrivener.

Next Tagged Authors:


*drum roll*  Marteeka Karland

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cheating on My Own Blog...

I know I haven't posted here in a while. The reason is that I've been posting for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers on the regular, and my blog-fu has been going to them. For those who'd like to drop by and see what I've been up to, here's a list of links to the blog posts I've done so far:

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Mixing It Up--You're Doing It Wrong

Wrapping It Up--Finishing a Series

Feeding the Muse

Making a Big Deal out of It

Gadgets and Spreadsheets and Apps, Oh, My!

Spicing Up Your Stories

I hope you'll drop by and take a look. And I'll try to get a big more news coming on this blog. I have some news regarding an upcoming release, and I'm looking forward to talking about it.