Monday, May 26, 2014

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Hockey

I've mentioned before that Blood on the Ice is the direct result of my Evil BFF's five-year crusade to turn me into a hockey fan. You might wonder how she accomplished this evil deed. Well, she sent me a blueprint I could share for those of you who might be trying to drag a friend down the path of evil. Or, you know, just trying to get them to like things. This blueprint works. I'm living proof.

Talk about what you love....A LOT

Humor helps

So does shiny

Shiny is really fucking awesome

Sparkly isn't bad either

Neither is bromance

...or pretty

Sometimes more direct persuasion is necessary

Now that the groundwork has been laid, share things that may be to their tastes

Lather, rinse, repeat

Did I mention the repeat?

Reference stupid memes when sending links...cock goes where?

Weird rituals are always interest grabbing

Quality portraits are a good idea

Suits are nice

As is bad hair

Nakedness is always good

Mocking is too

When you have sufficiently brought them over to the dark side...jump for joy


Try not to smirk too much


In retrospect, I'm kind of ashamed that I responded to a campaign that employed so much exposure to Ryan Kesler.