Thursday, June 26, 2008

Earthchild--"DVD Extras"

I wish I could remember as much about the origins of Earthchild as I could about its predecessor. I know I started thinking about a sequel to the original book when it was first published, and, having decided not to kill off Jeff this time around, I wanted to focus on his character. The White Fur People drew me to write more about them, as well, and it seemed like a good combination. So that was the germ of the romance between Jeff Anderson and Noisy Girl.

Noisy Girl really came together for me after I had started writing, and caught Aimee Mann performing on David Letterman. I'd been a fan ever since "Voices Carry," but when I saw her that night suddenly she was Noisy Girl to me in many ways. Noisy Girl's singing had already found its way into the story by then, but this solidified it, and brought her character much more strongly to life, much as had happened to me on the first book when I started identifying Fairfax with Fox Mulder in my head.

I had originally planned to write I think two more stories in this series, but when the first publisher of these two books folded, those plans were put on a back burner. I recently went through all my old hard drives and was unable to find the original proposal for the third and fourth books, though, and I can't remember what the fourth one was about... Ah, the joys of getting old. Maybe there'll be a third book, though. Only time will tell.