Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Interesting Article on Language Evolution

This article, about the evolution of the English language as it collides with other cultures, appealed to the linguistic geeky side of me.

It's an interesting thought--how much will the language change in the next few centuries? Will readers of the future look back at today's books and be perfectly capable of reading the text, or will they struggle with it and need copious notes to understand what's being said? Will it be equivalent to a 21st century person reading Jane Austen, or to a 21st century person reading Chaucer? Or, even more extreme, equivalent to a 21st century person reading untranslated Beowulf? Or will all fictional experience be beamed directly into the brain, making the entire question irrelevant?

One has to wonder... Well, one doesn't have to, but it's still an interesting thought. If you're a geek.