Monday, June 17, 2013

Flash Fiction Markets

This is a list I put together for my own use, but I figured I'd share. Paying markets for Flash Fiction. Submissions/payment information accurate as of the time I compiled the list, which is 3-15-13, 8:37 PM, 7:20 into the third period of the second game of the Stanley Cup Finals, Chicago vs. Boston. $.05/word. Prefers under 1500. Has specific submission windows, so check date before submitting. Currently closed (until "summer" 2013--check back.) Horror flash. Flash compilations--$65/compilation. See July 1 for new cycle: theme is fiction, memoir and poetry 713-1000 words. Speculative. See site for themes and submissions deadlines. 100-10,000--particularly in need of short-shorts. $.08/word 500-1000 words. $50/story. No genre specifications but like SF/F Exactly 100 or exactly 1,000 words. $.05/word. SF. Might not be currently open for submissions. 99-999 words. $.05/word. Buys lifetime e-rights plus first time worldwide. Dark fiction. up to 1,000 words, $50 flat pay rate. Literary dark fiction. 500-700 words--funny. $60/story 400-1000 words, flat $25. Longer stories a penny a word up to $75. Hard SF. 500-800 words, $15 "Flash fiction about sex is always popular" Under 200 words, $5 $10 for 300-word excerpt of non-existent literature up to 500 words--payment based on word count. 140 characters. $1 140 characters. Also Twitter serials. $1.50, $5 for serials. 30 words max, $1

Friday Flash--Twitter #fridayflash  No payment--consolidated hashtag and can list your story in their database for further exposure.


Julie Flanders said...

Hi Katriena,

I just wanted to say I read your article on Writers Weekly about your freelance journey and found it so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story. It's great to meet you and discover your work. And this list of markets is something I'm definitely going to bookmark.

Best wishes,
Julie Flanders