Friday, February 4, 2011

Interesting Links. Also? Crazycakes!

Where There's a Will continues to be the wee book that could. I got a mention in Publisher's Marketplace this morning as an example of books that are doing well on the Amazon bestseller list but are not being included on the new New York Times ebook Bestseller List because of deeply discounted pricing. They listed the book as #25 on the Amazon list. As of this morning it's at #22. A check on the page shows not a single review under four stars.

Another mention popped up on iReaderReview. This blog post discusses the logistics of making a living selling books at low price points. The author has done a nice job of breaking down the numbers. I do feel the article misses a couple of points: 1. Most people writing books for epubs are used to writing well over 3 books a year. 2. It doesn't really take into account the effects of a low price-point on backlist books or future releases. Still, it's really interesting to see ebooks finally making their place in the publishing world, and so many people posting in-depth, thoughtful analysis of what this means for publishers, authors and readers.

I am still flabbergasted at the attention this book has gotten, and deeply grateful to everyone who has bought a copy, read it, or taken time to write a review.


Mimi said...

Where there's a will was fantastic. You must write another Scottish book. I could hear the accents and smell the heather. Malcolm reminded me a little of Jamie Fraser in Outlander.