Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Book Available

This month's release, Mostly Sunny with Chance of Belgian Chocolate, is another re-issue I stole from my evil twin. It was originally released as part of an anthology at Ellora's Cave. I have to say it's still pretty steamy--more so than even The Regan Factor, I'd say. So if you're not into that heat level, you might want to skip on by... I won't mind. (Mom, that means you...)

It's a novella, too, which means all that sex makes it seem even more sexed up...

Now that I've either intrigued or repulsed you, drop by one of the available outlets and check it out!

Carter Allen is the host of the most popular weather show in Denver, probably because he has a voice to die for. Alexa Walker, sent to interview him for the local paper, is sure he can’t possibly be as gorgeous as his voice.

He is, though, and more. But their instant chemistry sets them on a collision course with forces beyond their control—namely Carter’s mother.

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