Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beau Coup Friday Links

Many, many links today...

The Passive Voice--What You Don't Know About Find and Replace in Microsoft Word. This information is both awesome and frightening. Use with care.

Fiction Groupie--The Post In Which I Rant About Blogging, Platforms, and the Pressure on Writers. This is an excellent post with much food for thought.

Erastes--Believe in what you write—even if it is “only for money”. Some words of wisdom.

Jane Friedman--The Evolving Model of the Entrepreneurial Novelist. Fascinating take on self publishing from Sean Platt.

Aliventures--7 Habits of Serious Writers. Amazingly enough, I do all these things. Go me!

Dystel & Godrick Literary Management--Writers with Imprints. Interesting development. I want my own imprint! Somebody give me one!

The Story Prize--Patricia Henley on the Rational Part of the Writing Process. There's a rational part to the writing process? Who knew?

Julie Isaac--How to Write Daily More Easily. Some great tips on increasing the consistency of your productivity.

The Guardian--Romantic Fiction's Passion for E-Books.

Patricia C. Wrede--The Hat Lecture. Great advice here for serious writers, and I love the presentation.

Livia Blackburne--The Psychology of Attraction: Uncertainty.

The Fall of Print--How a new survey of ebook discovery habits lends hope to self-publishers and tips for better marketing. Some interesting stats here.

Adam Westbrook--What Monty Python can teach the next generation of publishers. Good article, although not about all of Monty Python. Focuses on Terry Gilliam's creative process.

World Starvation. Neal Stephenson talks about the obligations of a science fiction writer. A meaty and thought-provoking read.

Last but not least: A friend of mine recently lost her job, and is working on building a Pampered Chef business. If you like Pampered Chef products (I think they're fantastic), consider dropping by her personal Pampered Chef page to place an order.

Have a great weekend!