Monday, October 10, 2011

Join Me at Savvy Authors, October 17th

Starting October 17th--a week from today--I'll be leading a workshop at Savvy Authors called Writing Memorable and Meaningful Sex Scenes. I'll be recruiting the expertise of my erotica-writing evil twin, Elizabeth Jewell, as well as drawing on my own experience writing sensual romance.

There’s no question about it: sex sells, and the current romance market is thriving on more explicit content than ever before in the history of the genre. However, readers are discerning, and even the most daring content will fall flat if it isn’t integrated into the story on an emotional level and on a story level.

This course will show you how to write sex scenes that not only scorch the pages, but carry the story forward and reveal important plot elements or provide in-depth characterization. No more cookie cutter scenes—each sex scene will be integral to the story and specific to the characters involved, drawing the reader into your story and leaving them thoroughly fulfilled—in more ways than one.

Register for the course at Savvy Authors. I hope to see you there!