Monday, January 12, 2015

What to Read in 2015?

I haven't done any kind of a reading challenge in a long time. Maybe I haven't done one ever. I honestly can't remember. But my BFF pointed me to this post from Modern Mrs. Darcy, and this challenge appeals to me, so I think I'm going to give it a go.

Here's the main graphic from her site with the gist of the challenge:

Please drop by her site if you want to formally participate in her challenge. She's got a pinboard set up and everything.

In addition, I'll add a list of my own that might get you thinking about some other things you could try.

1. The first book in a series you've been thinking about trying but thought it was OMG SO LONG.
2. A primer about a religion you know nothing about.
3. A "short history" of a country you're not familiar with.
4. A book about something you've been meaning to learn, like a language or a craft/hobby.
5. A sacred text from a religion that isn't yours.

I'll stop at five, because I'm not as industrious as Mrs. Darcy. But that's okay. And I'll keep some updates on how I've progressed, or not, as the year goes on.