Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Guest Post from Fellow Scouter Heather MacKinnon

Today I'm turning the blog over to Heather MacKinnon, whose Kindle Scout book, Changed, is in its last few days of campaigning. She's also about to get married! I had already scouted Heather's book when I started my campaign--drop by and hand her a vote!

One night changed everything.
Being Changed into a vampire wasn't in Adrienne's post-college plans. But when she wakes up in a strange basement and can see perfectly in the dark and move impossibly fast she's left to navigate this new world alone. Thankfully, Nicholas steps in to help her adjust. As their feelings grow, she finds out her centuries-old maker is looking for her and determined to make her his wife. Can she outrun the vampire who Changed her and explore her feelings for Nicholas before it's too late?

Tell us a little bit about your book, Changed. What brought you to write it? What do you like most about it?

Changed is a story about a young woman who's made into a new vampire against her will. In this world, the Change is something that involves forms, an orientation, and a training facility. Although vampires remain hidden from humans, their world is governed and orderly. So, when a newly orphaned vampire shows up, she throws a wrench into their well-oiled machine. I’ve actually written a version of this story already but it was not very good and so this one is almost entirely from scratch. What inspired me was a lifelong love for vampires and their dark and mysterious world. What I like most about this book is that it concentrates on an aspect of vampires we don’t see often--the new ones. You’ll follow my main character as she learns how to not only stretch her abilities but also curb them when necessary.

Heather MacKinnon
Why did you choose to send the book to Kindle Scout? What did you see as the advantages to this publishing platform?

I’d been planning to self-publish Changed when I saw a small ad for Kindle Scout on Amazon. I read over all the material they provided and then did some research of my own into other author’s experiences with publishing with Kindle Scout. The benefits seemed plentiful (advanced royalties, professional editing, and the mighty power of Amazon marketing) and the drawbacks few (not being able to control the price of my book, and not being able to publish on any other platform) so I decided to take the plunge!

Are you planning more books in the future? Will you be sending them to Kindle Scout, or go a different route?

I’m already in the process of writing a modern romance right now. I’ve put it on the backburner for the moment while I deal with the last few days of my Kindle Scout campaign and get ready for my upcoming wedding (October 14th is so so close!). Other than that, I have a few ideas for stories flitting around my head that take place in the same world as Changed does. If the book is received well, I might flesh some of them out further. If I’m selected for Kindle Scout, I think I would submit other books for a campaign as well. If they don’t choose my book this time, I’ll probably just move forward with self-publishing from here on out.

Tell us more about yourself. Why do you write, and what’s your favorite thing about writing?

I write because I read. Obsessively. I had to finally get a Kindle Unlimited subscription because my fiance almost took my debit card away after seeing how many books I’d bought in a month (just kidding, he wouldn’t do that, but he was definitely concerned--see upcoming wedding comment above!). After reading so many fantasy and romance novels and picking out parts I loved and parts I didn’t, I decided to try it my way. Once I started, I found more and more ideas coming to me that I wanted to make into stories. I have about 3 floating around right now and the only reason why there’s not more is there’s literally no room left (see Kindle Scout campaign and wedding comments above!). My absolute favorite thing about writing is making a reader feel what I want them to feel. When someone reads my work and is outraged at the bad guys or swooning over the good guys, that’s the biggest payoff for me.

Thanks so much, Heather, for dropping by the blog! And don't forget to stop by her Kindle Scout page and take a look at Changed.