Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coming Next Week--A New Book and a Story to Go With It

I am releasing another book next week--probably Monday, November 1. This is another book that has been previously published, and rights have reverted to me.

Well, sort of.

See, once upon a time I was just KK. All my books said KK on them. Then this strange thing came along called erotic romance. And it seemed to be doing pretty well. So I started writing books for Ellora's Cave. In order to keep the new extra naughty books from upsetting people who had read KK's books, I made up a new name. I became Elizabeth Jewell.

Now EJ is an interesting soul. She has become not so much a pseudonym as an alternate personality at times. And after a while she got tired of writing plain old erotic romance and decided she wanted to write m/m erotic romance. And she's been doing pretty well doing that. But in the meantime, she had some m/f erotic books that had sold fairly well. But after writing m/m for a while, those didn't sell so well anymore because it was no longer what people expected from EJ.

This brings us to the present day. Or, like, two months ago. Or something like that. I decided I would put a book out once a month, either via one of my established publishers or via self publishing. I've been doing that since May. (Don't try to do the math--there's another pseud out there I haven't outed yet...she's kind of shy.) Among the books I wanted to release were books that had gone out of print, and several of those were EJ's m/f erotic romance books.

Well, EJ isn't so much a m/f erotic romance writer anymore. Neither is KK--KK does sensual romance, but not erotic romance. So to work out the conundrum with the pseuds, the genres, the subgenres and the readers, I decided to do something weird.

I rewrote some of EJ's books. Not a lot--just enough to tone them down from very explicit erotic romance to fairly explicit sensual romance. This book I'm about to announce is steamier than previous KK entries, but not as steamy as EJ's work. In fact, I pulled some full scenes out of this book because, upon re-reading it, I didn't like them. They were out of character and felt like I'd just shoved them in there to up the erotic quotient.

So now the book is somewhere in between how I originally wrote it, as KK, and how it was finally published at Ellora's Cave, as EJ. I have a couple more books that will be undergoing a similar treatment, because, as m/f stories, they fit better under my KK name than under EJ's name.

More in the next post...