Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So, Here's the New Book

Coming next week--The Regan Factor. Originally published by Ellora's Cave under my pseudonym, Elizabeth Jewell. This version has been significantly revised from that version, but is still rather steamier than my other romance offerings, so be warned.

It also has a boy's naked bottom on the cover, so enjoy.

This book will be released in paperback through amazon.com (hopefully, if I can figure out what I'm doing wrong with the cover graphic), as well as through amazon as a Kindle edition, at B&N for Nook, at Smashwords for a variety of other formats, and at 1PlaceforRomance (formerly 1RomanceEbooks).

BLURB: Where Regan O’Rourke goes, trouble follows. So when she tries to stop a case of industrial espionage, it’s no surprise when she finds herself in over her head almost before she gets started.

It’s also no surprise when Burke Camden shows up to “rescue” her. After all, he’s been saving her from herself since her parents died years and years ago, sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong and generally making her life a living hell.

Only this time he seems more like heaven, with his broad shoulders and take-charge attitude. Regan’s not a little girl anymore, and suddenly Burke seems less like an annoying authority figure and more like somebody she just might be able to fall in love with.