Friday, September 23, 2011

Ceremonial Closing of the Tabs

I seriously have like fifty tabs open in Firefox today. Going to trim them down to stuff that you all might actually find interesting.

Using an Agent to Get on Kindle--John Carpenter's publishing journey. An interested snapshot of a changing marketplace. Also I think I'll get this book for my son. Jane Friedman's blog.

Life Stages of a Writer--interesting take on how to look at your work. (Terrible background color--I used to keep from getting eyestrain.)

Tips on Successful Blogging--Creative Penn. These are both podcasts, but if you scroll down there are links to .pdf and online transcripts if you'd rather read. Blogging Basics and Advanced Blogging Tips for Authors.

Certainty Anchors. This is an excerpt from the book Uncertainty, by Jonathan Fields, about how ritual helps anchor creativity. Jane Friedman.

Product vs. Author Brand. Part 3 of the series on branding I linked to last week. From Write to Publish.

But What About the Quiet Ones? Writer Unboxed. About the challenges faced in promoting the "quiet" novel.

5 Stephen King Quotes Every Writer Should Heed. Because Stephen King is awesome, even though I don't like all of his books.

Marketing is Dead. Traditional marketing vs. "Tribe Building."

5 Timeless Insights on Fear and the Creative Process. More on how ritual enhances creativity, this time with five recommended books on the topic.

Downtown Trains... Oh, never mind. That's all about hockey. Moving right along...

15 Prompts to Help Kick-Start Your Story. Some useful tidbits here if you're looking to start a story or deepen one you've already written.

And that's all for today. Unfortunately it looks like I might have opened as many tabs as I closed on this round. Sigh...