Saturday, September 17, 2011

Closing Many Tabs Day

I had intended to do this on Friday, but I got distracted. These things happen...

Anyway. I have tons of tabs open in my browser, so as I close them down I'm going to share. (I kinda sorta stole this idea from Neil Gaiman, but he has lots of ideas so I'm sure he won't miss it terribly.) It's a wide variety of STUFF, so I hope there's something in here you'll enjoy.

A really embarrassing typo happens to an author. Susan Andersen's hero becomes altogether filthier after memorable editing error.

My friend Jennifer's Deviant Art page, with pictures for Halloween.

A breakdown of the first ten pages of the script for Inception.

Fear is the Downfall of Publishing. Blog post by Bob Mayer.

Epic Black Car--Social Media is a Tool, Not a Magic Bullet.

Epic Black Car--Romance Novelists are a Secret, Epic Army. (I found this one really entertaining.)

Livia Blackburne--How to Self-Promote Without Selling Your Soul.

Write to Publish--Branding: Where to Begin

Write to Publish--Branding: Part 2--The Basics

Write it Forward--The Real Gatekeepers in Publishing Now? Authors. More from Bob Mayer.

Husbands: The Series. A new web series from former Buffy the Vampire Slayer scribe Jane Espenson, et al.