Monday, September 19, 2011

New Short Story Collection

I've just published a new collection of short stories at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, All Romance eBooks and 1PlaceforRomance. Six from the Heart features six romances, including The Gift, which was previously published as a one-shot. The other five stories will be available as one-shots over the next week or two, but the anthology gives you a great price break.

Six From the Heart

Zoe's Voice--He's not sure who she is, but if she'll keep talking to him in that voice, he'll give her everything.

Second Chances--He had something important to say. She misunderstood--bigtime. He wants to try again--this time without his foot in his mouth.

The Test--The test is positive. What now?

Hope, and Glory--Glory moved away a long time ago. Now she's back, and things are looking up.

Dinner for Two--Lauren won dinner with the third-grade teacher. Her daughter thinks she should go, but Lauren's not so sure.

The Gift--Affrick has loved Gilly since they were children. How will she catch his attention now that he's decided to wed again? (Scottish historical.)

Amazon (Kindle edition)
Barnes & Noble (Nook edition)
Smashwords (Multiple formats)
1PlaceforRomance (Multiple formats)
All Romance eBooks (Multiple formats)